I flipped through the Oriental Trading Company Magazine last week looking for ideas and came up with a few. They have some really great blank cut out things that you can use for a whole variety of things. Here are a few I was considering.

 On Guard! Shields: (Item Number

These can be used for a number of different things. Such as create your own family crest. Who are you and who do you want to be. Then on the back maybe who does God see you as.

What I am going to do this week I believe is use them to pray for your friends. We are to be praying for our friends not only when they have big problems, but through their lives. We should be praying for their holiness and that they will be protected from the evil one. Our prayers matter. We are a shield for them in the world. So make their name real pretty in the middle of the shield and then pass them around and let the group journal a prayer for each person on that shield.

(I could go on forever about the shields)

Giant LOOK IT’S ME! Bulletin Board Kids (Item Number IN-57/6425)
These are great people cutouts. I have an idea to use these in a similar way to the shields. You could also place them blank around the room as a reminder of the people who aren’t there and who you need to reach out to.

I think I am going to use smaller ones and have students write the name of a friend they are praying for on it and then put them up on the wall as a reminder to pray for our friends. It would be a nice ongoing reminder.

Design Your Own! Baseball Card Display (Item Number
100 White Baseball Cards (Item Number IN-57/6860)

This is a great way to display your student’s worship art activities. Many non artistic students are intimidated by a large sheet of paper. Use these baseball cards for any of the drawing worship activities and then put them on the wall in the Display. You can even reuse the display for other things. Like use it as a place to put notes or prayer requests.


There are tons more of these “blank” things that I have seen and will use, but I will talk about them when I use them.  


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