IGTV Youth Pastor

So I am trying to figure out this whole IGTV thing. Instagram’s new long form video platform hooked me with of all things a trailer for Aquaman (a movie I am not even all that excited about seeing). The fact that they had recut the trailer so that it fit in vertical instead of horizontal format intrigued me and opened my eyes to a whole different world of vertical video.

So I thought I would try my hand at a regular feature on IGTV which I am calling the IGTV Youth Pastor. I am still working with the tools and things are not quite up for public consumption yet.

If you are interested in checking out IGTV or using it here are some things I have discovered.

  1. There is no good way to search for anything other than usernames. So if you are making content about the Bible or about cooking or whatever and you instagram name doesn’t contain those things people aren’t going to be able to find it.
  2. My “suggested videos” that autoplay when I open up IGTV are trash. Not only that they are trashy and require that I immediately turn to something else so that I don’t offend myself or those around me. I currently don’t know how to fix this.
  3. To try and fight that I have been following more “official” pages in hopes that I can get a slightly less “people booty dancing” greeting every time I open up the service.
  4. Vertical video is a fun challenge to edit. I have been using Videoleap to edit the videos. I am sure I could do more elaborate things in Premiere, but right now I am trying to get everything made on my phone. It has been an interesting challeng.
  5. NO ONE and I mean NO ONE I know has any idea what IGTV is. Every time I tell people I am making videos for it they look at me like I have 2 heads.

All in all it has been a fun experiment. It feels like the early days of YouTube when it was sort of a crap shoot what you would get and there was a place for every weird thing on the internet on the front page.

Maybe I will find a way to use it for ministry one of these days.

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