I’m Banned!

http://nailscars.blogs.com/averageyouthguy has been identified as inappropriate and blocked by your Tennessee Department of Education Internet Usage Policy.

Access to web sites that have been identified as providing inappropriate content will be blocked. This determination is based upon various content categories. Content identified as inappropriate includes:

  •   adult-oriented material,

  •   extremist-militant material,

  •   racist or hate-oriented material, and

  •   incitement of resistance to or insurrection against lawful authority (seditious material).

If you have discovered a site that is blocked because it has been incorrectly categorized, please Request a Site Review. You may also access Authorized Override to view the website for a designated time period. A login is required to enter Authorized Override.

Request a Site Review    Authorized Override

If you feel you have reached this page in error, please contact your local Technology Coordinator.

I got this email from a friend today. Apparently when they tried to visit my site at their school they got this message. They asked me which category I fit into. If I get to choose I want to be extremist-militant. It just has a good ring to it. Of course it would be cool to be called seditious too. Not that I am against authority, I just really like the word seditious.

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