I’m Finished

There were quite a few times over the past 2 weeks that I didn’t think I would get to say those things, but I am finally finished. Ok, I have a few loose ends to tie up here and there, but I have done everything that must be done before I go except pack, and that means that I am taking the day off tomorrow–for the most part at least. Here is a short list of what I have done to get ready for this crazy retreat.

Written 2 skits
Designed a student book (36 pages)
Copyied, folded, and a stapled the student book
Written a sermon
Written and collected the materials for 5 stations for our late night worship
Written and collected the materials for 6 stations for our Prayer Chapel
Redesigned our "symbols worship" into a prayer path (more on this after retreat)
Found the stuff for our 3 in corporate worship stations
Written a small group study
Created 3 games
Come up with 2 non-singing forms of worship
Set up a media shout file of worship images so I can "vj" our image screens
Packed up our lighting system (I am packing the projector after church on Wednesday)
Packed crayons, pens, pencils, paper, candles, material, and all of the other stuff that comes with "non-traditional" worship.

I think that may actually be all that I have done for this retreat. That isn’t so bad. Normally I have a video or two to edit too. But like my friend Jay says, "It takes a lot of crap to worship God." Of course he is doing all that I am doing plus packing up his entire youth room to bring down too so I think he is doing more thant me.

And before anyone starts trying to make me feel bad, we know that it doesn’t take all of this stuff to worship God. But this weekend is about creating a space where students can interact with God in a new way. Sometimes that means that we do a little more work and bring a little more stuff with us. Of course a big part of the success of the weekend is that we create a "culture fast".  This is true for students and adults. If we can seperate ourselves from all of the distractions it is much easier to see God.

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