I’m Moved

Well, I wasn’t gone as long as I thought. We got moved into a new place today and here I am with net access tonight. Meredith’s main priority was setting up the bedroom so we would have a place to sleep. I had 2 major goals. Getting the TV’s hooked up and getting the wireless network up and running.

It has been a long hard week of packing and getting ready, but today made it all worth the effort. We spent about 2 and a half hours moving everything out of our old place and into this new one. Because everything was boxed and labeled it was easy to get things where they needed to go and also to know which ones needed to be unpacked tonight. I have spent many years as a “big guy” so I have moved more people than I can count, and nothing bugs me more than getting to someone’s house and they aren’t ready for me to start taking stuff to the truck. I am a mover, not a packer (at least not of others things) so I was determined that everyone who came and helped us just had to pick up stuff and carry it.

Of course my old place is still a big mess and we haven’t taken any picture off the wall or anything yet so we aren’t quite all the way here. It is almost scary how much dust collects behind a couch.

We have moved into a house from an apartment. This is the first time I have been anything with my own yard since I started college. This place is so big. Well, actually, the rooms aren’t all that big, but there are more of them, and the square footage is big. It feels weird to actually have a hall. Meredith and I keep trying to talk to each other from the living room to the bed room, and then remember that it is too far to make that work anymore. Of course the coolest thing is that we have a baby room now. It feels weird saying, “put that in Nathan’s room” but it is cool at the same time.

Once final thing about our new place. Meredith and I have “apartment furniture.” It is stuff that we bought in a box (normally for as cheap as we could find) and put together ourselves. It worked for our smaller place, but for some reason in a house it looks odd. I think there is a spiritual point there, but I don’t have the brain power to think about it now. Something about when you accept Christ your old habits just don’t fit anymore, but that is as far as I am going.

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