I’m OK, just busy

My sister called and got on to me because I hadn’t written anything this weekend. So I figured I had better post before I go to bed. I spent the weekend in Atlanta preaching at a D-Now and hanging out with one of my friends from college. Then on Sunday night we had an associational meeting at a different local church and then tonight I had my meeting with my youth workers. Over the course of the weekend I learned a few things, here are some of them.

  • Preaching is fun
  • Sometimes it is nice to go somewhere that you don’t know all of the history and you don’t know that this kid does this every year and you don’t know that they won’t follow through on their commitment and you can just be excited that someone responded to what you were saying.
  • I have a really amazing church and youth group, and I am very blessed to be working with them.
  • staying with people you don’t know really sucks. (that I already knew, this just reaffirmed it)
  • Chick-fil-A will be served in heaven
  • It doesn’t matter how well you play songs if you don’t transition well between them you will have a hard time leading worship.
  • To go along with that, no one but you knows your electric guitar with distortion is out of tune so DO NOT spend 2 minutes tuning it between songs, play it and suck it up.
  • Loud is always good
  • Risk with real people as pieces sounds cool, but in actuality gets boring.
  • I really want someone to come up with a real life version of sorry. That would be awesome!
  • Teenagers will do almost anything if you make it a game. They don’t even need prizes. (we made some people get a "make over" using paper towels, tape, and washable markers. It was funny, but I don’t understand why they did it)
  • God didn’t make dragons because he wanted us to be at the top of the food chain. (that is a long story, and I may tell it some time)
  • There are few things as much fun as watching the faces of 6 guys that I have told how to stand realize that all 285 pounds of me is about to jump into their arms.
  • I really like lesson with adults.
  • Since my group has grown so large I rarely get a chance to interact in small groups as a teacher any more. I really like teaching classes. It is a whole different dynamic than preaching, and it is cool.
  • Don’t kick copy machines because they will hurt your foot and random cabinet parts may fall off.
  • Gas is cheaper in Phoenix City, AL than in Eufuala
  • If you don’t write in your blog for a few days people actually call and talk to you
  • "Your black, he’s a Mexican, and I’m just a damn Indian, but we can all work together and that is what makes this country great." (overheard at a gas station in Forest Park, GA)
  • There are few things that feel cooler, and weirder than someone asking for your autograph after you speak at something.

One thought on “I’m OK, just busy

  • November 8, 2005 at 10:47 PM

    Chick-Fil-a will definetely be served in heaven! Really cute pics.


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