Improv Game

We have kicked our Worship Arts Teams back off again and this time I get to be in charge of the drama section. One of the things that I really want to push is learning to improv. Not just because it is fun, but because last year when the actors went up on a line they just froze up there–no one came to help them, no one knew how to get off of the script for a while and then find their way back to it. So one of the big things that I want to teach is how to fake it on stage.

Anyway, so we were playing a few games and they were working alright, but the students don’t have a huge history with coming up with dialog on the spot so they were sort of floundering. Then we did something that I just thought about in passing this afternoon. I gave one person a copy of a 2 person script and told them to read the lines exactly as they were written. I then told the other person to just say whatever they could think of. I imagined it wouldn’t really make much sense, but it turned out to be a really interesting game. The students responded and got into the whole game thing. I think it was because there was always a script pushing them forward so there weren’t just dead spaces in the action. Of course the remarkable thing was how well the skit held together. Once or twice I had to check and make sure the reader wasn’t changing any lines.

Just thought you might like to try that with your own group. 

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