In an Impossible Position: Right were God wants you

I had one of those “why didn’t I see that before” moments this weekend and it was this: The Israelite didn’t have to go through the Red Sea. Of course God could have just spoken and placed his people in Cannan, but not only that, Egypt wasn’t an island cut off from the rest of the world. There were ways to get to the promised land that didn’t involve a supernatural deliverance. So what we have in this story is God leading his people into a difficult situation, actually leading them into an impossible situation when they are trapped between the Egyptians and the water. Hear that again, God led them to an impossible position. Why? Because they still didn’t understand the fullness of his power and grace, and he was about to give them a very big lesson. Not only that, a whole generation later when they finally walked into the promise land the people living there were still talking about the power that God displayed at the Red Sea. I don’t know what struggles you have today, but those struggles are a great way for God to be glorified in your life.

Sometimes we find ourselves in impossible positions, but that is when God can shine the brightest. In the middle of your struggles, look to Him. His grace and love are more than enough to see you through.

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