In the Rain

It’s August and I am outside in Lower Alabama and I am cold. For those of you who don’t take trips down here very often this might not sound weird, but August in Alabama is better known for its 100% humidity and above 90 heat than chilly afternoons. But we are catching some of the rain from Katrina and that rain has blocked out the sun and brought in a cool breeze and made it actually quite nice outside today. I am cold mainly because I had to walk through the pouring rain to get to the covered pavilion that I am using as a sanctuary from the storm.

I love sitting outside in the rain. If they made a waterproof laptop I think I would sit right outside under the falling water, but until that happens I am content to sit under this pavilion with rain falling all around. I had to get wet to get here, but that is part of fun. It seems like in life there are many times when you have to go through the rain to get to the shelter. Sometimes you have to walk through hard times to get to the next safe spot where God comes in and heals you and reminds you of the lessons that he taught you in the hard times and then shows you to the direction that he wants you to head, and normally that direction is back out into the rain.

Alright so I am getting melodramatic, but that is what rain does to me. I always like to think of a hard rain as worship. If you stand in it you are completely surrounded and engulfed in it. The same is true when you are under water, but you can still breathe in the rain. I want God’s presence to be as tangible as rain to me.

Alright, now I am really getting crazy. That’s enough for now.

One thought on “In the Rain

  • August 30, 2005 at 1:05 AM

    I knew I liked rain for a reason. :)

    You’ve got a way with words, Shane. Keep up the good work.


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