Investing in the Future: Middle School Worship

After spending a few months on Creative Arts Teams and then several more months with an interim pastor we have finally gotten back to having monthly Wildlife meetings again. Wildlife is our middle school worship gathering. It is very messy games followed by singing, teaching, and then senior led small groups. We started back last month after a long hiatus and I have to say that I have forgotten how much fun these meetings can be.

I decided to bring the Wildlife meetings back when I looked around at my group and over half of my students were seniors. Also, I noticed that the middle school students were having a hard time fitting in with the larger group. (One day very soon I am going to seriously examine splitting my group, but that is for another post). I realized that I had neglected the future of our student ministry. So I pulled out some old files and got back to youth ministry messy style.

As of right now things are going very well. Having the group away from main group lets the middle school students find their voice and it helps the 8th graders have a chance to shine as leaders. Also since all of these students will be a part of my group starting this summer it is sort of like a big commercial for student ministry at Calvary. The other cool thing is that since it is on Thursday nights we can invite students from other churches without interfering with their normal youth activities.

I am working on a video of this week’s meeting and I plan to put it here. It will be a good way for you guys to get a better idea of what we do at our church too.

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