Inviting Them to Pray

I have been working on what is stuff for the new youth ministry year and in doing so I keep coming back to the idea that I need to know what the vision is or I can’t move forward,  not only that I can’t even pray effectively because all of my prayers are just generalities.

So I have started praying for the vision.  Lord,  show me what your goal,  your vision is for this ministry this year and what do I need to do now to join in that vision. Then as things begin to get clearer I will start praying the vision.

But instead of doing this in a vacuum I am inviting my upperclassmen  to do the same.  I am inviting them to pray and ask God what his vision is, and then in a couple of weeks we will get together and discuss the vision that God has given them.  Then we will start praying that vision together.

Pretty telling that this is a new thing for me.  Looks like I need to a better view of prayer.

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