IPOD Firmware and Macking on girls

I opened my itunes this morning to be greeted with a notice that there was a new firmware update for my ipod mini. I wasn’t all that interested, but I wasn’t ready to go to work just yet so I downloaded it. I have to say it was the update I have been waiting for. Now all of my podcasts are organized in their own little folders–I think I would have paid 10 bucks just for that–but the amazing thing is that now they have bookmarks just like the audible audio-books. It is the coolest thing ever. Now I can listen to Starting Now in chunks without having to remember how much I have listened to. It is very cool.

On a second note, I love sitcoms. I don’t know if I have mentioned that enough, but I think they are great. There is a new one on CBS Monday nights that is called "How I met You mother". It stars Neil Patrick Harris (Dr. Doogie himself) and Willow from Buffy. It is a cute show and has an interesting twist to the common sitcom (the girl that the main guy is drooling after is actually the sister of his wife and so he is telling the kids how he met their mom by going into this relationship with the sister. It is a different slant on the "will they" or "won’t they" story that runs rampant in sitcoms because you know they won’t.) Anyway, so tonight Doogie says he is "macking" on some girls. I haven’t heard that in years, but I really think it should make a comeback. I don’t really have any reason why I shared that, just thought it was funny.

3 thoughts on “IPOD Firmware and Macking on girls

  1. -B says:

    I can’t believe, with all the years we spent together during our youth, that we never suited up and played, “Have you met Shane?” or “Have you met Byron?” once. Doogie still rules.

  2. Shane says:

    good call on the “have you met” but I am sure we would have screwed it up somehow. The thing I always wish I had done is the “ten bucks” bet from Ed.

  3. Andy says:

    The “Ten Bucks” bet from Ed is awesome. if we had thought of that in our youth, we would have been dangerous people.

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