It is the intangibles…

of my job that makes it worth doing. Things like seeing people’s lives changed and being there where God sort of “clicks” for a teenager for the first time are priceless. It is also the intangible things that make my job suck. Or rather, the things that are not listed on my job description.

Tonight was the Associational VBS Clinic for the Barbour Baptist Association. If you aren’t familiar with this event it is a big meeting that vbs workers from around the county come to to get ideas and see all of the new LifeWay VBS stuff in action. (There is a cynical part of me that says it is just a way for LifeWay to sell more material, but then I remember that I am a LifeWay lapdog so I must only say good things about them.) 

But this meeting was at our church tonight so that means I had to be there to open the doors and turn on the lights and such. It also meant that since no one else was there to do it I also had to stay until everyone left and turn off the lights and lock the doors. On top of that I was given a ton of stuff that needed to be ready for the worship rally. Bear in mind that stuff was given to me TODAY so I didn’t have time to do it before now.

Because of all that I was at the church from 1:00-9:30 with just an hour long break for supper. Now here is the funny thing. There are actually people in my church who complain about my hours and think I need to be in the office more. I would love to actually add up my hours every month.

But anyway, now I am tired and I do have real work to do–that I was planning on doing this afternoon–but I don’t know if I can do it because my brain won’t seem to work. UGH! 

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