It Starts

creative-prayer-cover.jpgI have been planning to make the print version of my Creative Prayer Journal for several weeks now, but I keep putting it off. I want to do it before I work on anything else, but it is a big job with lots of formatting stuff. Now I love formatting normally, but when it comes to formatting a whole book I am a little out of my depth. So I have been dragging my feet on this whole thing. Tonight I decided to just sit down and get started and as always happens once I got started it just seemed to flow. I am still a long way from being finished, but I have most of the rough shell complete and now I just have to fill in the parts.

Here is my first draft on the cover.  

One thought on “It Starts

  • December 23, 2007 at 6:48 AM

    The cover is nice! What is inside? I’m curious to know.


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