It’s been too long

It has been too long to really come up with a good explanation of why it has been so long. I guess it has been a combination of things. I got an Android tablet a while back and that has sort of changed the way that I do computing at home. Many times I don’t even take my laptop out of my bag, and while I know that I could write posts on the tablet, it really is more of a consuming device than and producing device, at least it is for me.

I have also been more than swamped with work. Starting a new job has been a challenge just to try to get everyone’s names straight much less try to figure out their lives, their spiritual and emotional needs, and the way each of them learns best. There have been winter retreats and DNOWs to be planned and a whole host of intermediate meeting and such going on so I have just been neglecting this once invaluable space.

One of the weird reasons that I haven’t been around as much is because the new layout, while pretty, doesn’t make a daily blog as much of a premium anymore. I used to feel bad that people would come and see that the last post had been 4 months ago, but with the new look it is more about content than a daily blog, which come on let’s admit had gotten pretty dry anyway since I had long since stopped writing about the struggles of being a youth pastor because too many people who knew me had found the site. Also, I don’t know exactly when I will get around to fixing this, the simple fact that I can’t just scroll threw posts by day (there is no next entry link on the posts) when I want to read my ramblings for some reason has made me less likely to ramble.

Let’s see, what else…O yeah, I now have an 18 year-old Ethiopian boy living with me. He is trying to get a student visa so that he can go to school here for a while and then head back to Ethiopia to be a translator and help with orphans there. He doesn’t really take up a whole lot of my time, though so I can’t really use him for an excuse.

Ooo, one more layout thing…that big picture that goes with each post, that is a little daunting for me for some reason, and I feel like I have to have something important to say if I am going to have to go and find a picture. I guess I need to just find me a default so that I don’t have that worry anymore.

But just for the record, I am still here. I am still an average youth guy just trying to bring glory to God by teaching teenagers His word. I have a few articles and such saved up, at least the ideas for a few that might get up here some time in the future. Until then I hope you are finding things that are useful, and thanks to all of the people who have made comments lately. They have helped a bunch!

4 thoughts on “It’s been too long

  • March 11, 2012 at 12:12 PM

    It’s my first time back on your site after the redesign… I have appreciated your content for a while and have been using it to help us foster non-traditional worship in a house church setting. Thanks for sharing your life and ideas.

  • March 17, 2012 at 3:57 PM

    I used to follow you but wordpress took away the list of people I was following. As I hadn’t bookmarked those I had followed I then couldn’t find you again. However I have been searching for ideas for prayer stations which are aimed at children but under the heading creative (can be used by all). I feel a little overwhelmed with the new design but maybe when I have more time I will be able to have a nosey around.
    Thank you

  • March 17, 2012 at 5:46 PM

    Yeah, the new design makes it easier to browse through and find resources, but it is harder to just casually read back through my daily blog. If I can get some breathing time I plan on making some tweeks, thanks for reading!

  • August 10, 2012 at 10:15 AM

    i have just found your website because a reference to it on YouTube. I totally am on the same page with you about the consuming rather than productivity thing of these newer devices. Plus, like you write here, the changes that are being made arbitrarily to various internet resources are daunting at times. So, I guess the reason I even feel it worth your time for me to comment is that I am led to pray today for all the ministers, ministries, and etc. who are bringing the Word to our young people. It is good to see fresh ideas and younger pastors involved in this task. I just leave this word of encouragement to you and yours. In Hebrews we read about this great cloud of witnesses, and I am one. We cheer you on, and pray for you. YAAY!!!


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