It’s Friday

I have been in front of this computer for like 3 hours now and I haven’t done a single thing. Well, I take that back I printed a sign-up list. Then I took the time to actually make a sign-up list template for Publisher because it seems like I am making a new one of them every day (but I don’t know why I do it, they are the most ineffective thing in ministry in my opinion, with the exception of most televangelist and…dare I say it…Judgement Houses. Now I am going to make someone mad) I also sent an email to someone about Wednesday night and I ripped some cd’s into my computer so I could play them in my ipod. But other than that my day has pretty much been piddling on the net and checking my email every 5 minutes. I keep thinking something important will come to me, but of course it never does. Oh yeah, I also keep checking for comments. I have totally wasted my day. Ugh!

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