John Hughes: Narrator of Our Generation

I still can’t believe that John Hughes passed away. This man was the writer of what I was feeling and the creator of most of my fantasies about becoming cool. For a nerdy guy like me Breakfast Club, Sixteen Candles, Say Anything, Weird Science, and others were my inspiration and my hope in many ways. I always thought that Hughes captured the essence of what it was like to be a teenager that desperation mixed with unbridled optimism the self loathing coupled with the idea that you are the center of the universe. Mix these thoughts with the crazy nature of trying to figure out if you are just who everyone thinks you are and some amazing soundtracks and you have a powerful picture of our generation.

There were some things that I never quite understood. As a kid who didn’t drink I never went to one of those wild parties that are always happening in movies, but unlike most teenage movies Hughes pictures were never about the party, they were about the people and what they were feeling. Even Weird Science has a pretty decent message about finding the courage to be yourself.

Anyway, the Hughes movies are this sort of backdrop to my youth in the aftermath of his passing I thought it would be fitting to say something. I think an awesome tribute would be for thousands of people to show up at his funeral wearing a trench coat and holding a boom box over their heads. Since it would be a pain to get that many tape players to all start at the same time we will just say they are silent because he is silent.

One thought on “John Hughes: Narrator of Our Generation

  • August 8, 2009 at 3:31 PM

    I Love it! Course, we could all dance around Duckie Style to Try A Little Tenderness too…..


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