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So I took a group of students to Atalanta Fest yesterday…It was a long, long day (read with students from 7:00am-2:30am). But we did get a chance to see some good concerts. I checked out for a short while “Falling Up” on the Day Stage and it was cool because there were only like a few people there. They did a good show. Relient K was the main act and I was impressed with how much fun they had with the audience.

But John Reuben stole the show for us. We spent some time at the Late Night stage watching him and my students were floored. I’m not a huge John Reuben fan. I mean I don’t dislike his music, but it isn’t in any of my playlists in itunes. But when he was on stage he was great. There was about 50 people there watching him, and of those maybe 10 knew his songs, but somehow he made it fun for us. He was telling us constantly to jump or “get out hands up”. He understood that Christian white people don’t really know what to do at a concert so you need to give them some direction and he did it well. On top of that he was funny and personable talking to the audience and staying after to sign about a million autographs. If you get a chance to see him round up a group of students who don’t mind moving a little and take them to one of his shows. It was the best live show I have seen since David Crowder.

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  • June 16, 2006 at 6:42 PM

    Hi Shane! I met you at AtlantaFest yesterday. I was kind of blown away when I saw you; I really wasn’t expecting to run into you in such a large crowd. Thanks for letting me take up some of your time. It was really nice to meet you, and I just wanted to encourage you to continue doing what God’s called you to do inspite of any opposition. God’s work through youth ministry made all the difference in my life, and I know that’s true for your ministry as well.


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