Joy V Happiness

So last night at our youth meeting I was floored by something I found. I sent a group to make a skit about Joy, and they couldn’t come up with anything. So I started talking to them a bit about Joy and what I found was they had a messed up view of Joy vs. Happiness. When I talked to them about Joy everything they told me was actually things that made them happy. When it was Joy they tried to come up with things that were a little more noble than when they talked about happiness, but both of them were based on temporary things.

So I took this to the group as a whole and found that no one in my group could draw a difference between Joy and happiness. I guess for them the idea of something that goes beyond just your immediate circumstances is too far fetched to understand.

One thought on “Joy V Happiness

  • September 14, 2005 at 9:21 AM

    Shane,I lead a home group in Brisbane, Australia, and Joy came up tonight and I found it hard to get people to realise the difference between joy and happiness, I think it is something you need to understand within yourself first maybe.Best RegardsJosh Hatch


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