July 4th Rambling

Everyone has their own favorite parts of July 4th. Some people like the fireworks, some people like the cookouts. I like watching Kobiashi (or something like that) eat Nathan’s Hot Dogs. I mean that guy is a machine.

This is where a normal person would put good thoughts about their country, and not that I don’t have good thoughts about my country, but I really spent the day focusing on other things. We went to a reunion for Meredith’s family. Those things are always fun for the in-laws. (Now who are you again? I’m Meredith’s husband. Which one is Meredith?…) Of course I was amazed by the whole thing. Meredith’s great-grandmother Willie Bowman had 229 descendants. That is 229 children, grandchildren and a couple of levels of great-grandchildren before she died. That is one whole heck of a lot of people. If I had been her I would have had each of them give me at least 5 bucks for my birthday and for Christmas. She could have made a small fortune.

5 thoughts on “July 4th Rambling

  1. -B says:

    My favorite part of the 4th would be the fireworks. But not just any fireworks, mind you. The bottle rockets that we hurl at one another, even though we can’t see each other through the smoke, the lit firecracker I chase Jarrod with, or the dixie cannon that some idiot (i.e. you)has the nerve to shoot at me…. I also enjoy the red, white, and blue lights of every police car in our small town driving up the rough terrain of that lonesome hill to celebrate the joyous holiday with us. Ahhh, the good old days.

  2. Andy says:

    B? That you? You remember the time that Shane nearly blew himself up in my backyard with the cannons too, huh? “Oh, that one didn’t light. Let me see if I can fix it.” What a moron. ;-) Shane was definitely a little pyro back in the day, and I’d say he still has quite a bit of that in him.

  3. Shane says:

    guys I have a bit of a reputation I am trying to protect here. There is no reason to tell everyone all of the crazy things from my past.

    (although you have to admit shooting the artillery shell thing at Byron is one of my favorite memories. I really miss blowing stuff up)

  4. Andy says:

    Luke 4:24 – You know it’s true…because we KNOW you! ;-)

  5. Andrew says:

    Fireworks bring us all out of the woodwork. Those were the days. My fond memory of the fireworks war was going to help our finest find their way through the weeds.

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