Jumping back into creationism

I guess I have been back into it since Sunday night, but I think I am ready for my lesson tonight. I have spent a great deal of time browsing the online communities of creationists and evolutionist. Here are some things that I have seen that have nothing to do with the debate.

  • I will believe you more if you have a prettier website. It has nothing at all to do with the quality of the information, but if you have a good web designer I trust your information more.
  • My favorite part of the Intelligent Design side of things are the people who contend that it could have been designed by Aliens rather than God. It is just fun to read their stuff.
  • Isn’t it funny that two different groups of people can have radically different ideas and both claim to be taking the Bible literally?
  • Smugness in an argument is an immediate turn off for me, even though I think I do it often.
  • One example of smugness is when Young Earth people make comics to make fun of all the assumptions you have to make to believe in evolution. Sure it may be true, but it is playing to your base, not helping change anyone’s mind.
  • As a video editor I have no problem with the distance of stars and the speed of light even from a young universe perspective. God could have very easily created the universe and then fast forward it a bit to the place where it looked cool and then kept on creating, (sort of like with creating a grown up Adam). This isn’t creating something false, it is making sure that we could see the vastness of his creation. (Without it there would be no starlight)
  • I do think that holding to an exact 6,000 year timeline is being a little dogmatic.
  • I also think that God didn’t write a science book or a history book when he wrote the Bible. There is science and history in the Bible, but the Bible is ultimately the story of God and the way he interacts with us. It is supreme arrogance to worry so much about our origins and forget that the story is about the creator and not the creation.

One thought on “Jumping back into creationism

  • July 22, 2010 at 4:06 PM


    I’ve been reading your blog for a couple of years but haven’t commented before. I love the science/religion debate and am please that you’re thinking and writing about it. Personally, I am a committed Christian and also a science teacher who completely agrees with the big bang, evolution etc. I think that the bible and evolution are completely compatible.
    I’d love to hear your more detailed thoughts sometime.



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