Just Killing Time

I feel like I have to come up with something “hot” or “controversial” to get the conversation going again, but I really don’t seem to have it in me right now. I am hip deep in fall planning and trying to figure out how to make a “dating” Bible study actually be worship.

We are in the middle of photos for our new Olan Mills church directory. If you haven’t been through this yet, well let me just say be ready because I think Olan Mills wants to run the world. So in order to get a free 8×10 and a free directory you have to sit and listen to this sales pitch thing. Which would be fine with me if the lady making the pitch was smooth about it. It wasn’t long before I had figured out the computer program she was using to show us the proofs and wanted to yank the mouse out of her hand. On top of that she just was slower at everything than Meredith and I; we kept jumping ahead and that confused her. Of course the funniest part was when she started reading about the $1000 picture package and Meredith and I stopped her an told her to turn that little book on down around the $200 range.

But we did get some good pictures out of it. Nathan looked very grown up and even smiled in the pictures. We have a family picture of the three of us that is too cute for words. I even got the cool canvas finish large picture to put up in our hall. Now I feel like we are a “real” family. (I also see now why people charge family members for big pictures, those things ain’t cheap!)

I guess that’s about all of the stories. Oh yeah, as of last night I had the 303 highest score on the Xbox Live Arcade version of Galaga. I am moving up the ladder. (If you want to check out my achievements I am “Gifted Fool”) 

9 thoughts on “Just Killing Time

  1. Andrew says:

    I’ll start the ball rolling. Rather than paying all that money for the picture, can’t you just take the 8X10 down to Walgreen’s and print a bunch more for like $ .49 each? I guess if it made you feel better, you could scan it at home first and lose the Olan Mills logo.

  2. Betsy says:

    If you ever think about not being a youth minister, a job at Olan Mills might be an option. You could still travel around to churches and you already have the presentation memorized. Plus, you might get some discounted pictures of the baby.

  3. -B says:

    I seriously thought Olan Mills was a Mayfield, KY outfit. I did not realize they were a global force.

    Mr. Futrell, I can’t believe you’re encouraging copyright enfringement on this site. Shame on you. Oh, Shane – next time you come up to the 270 could you bring your iPod? I want to "borrow" a few tunes off of you.

  4. The Average Youth Minister says:

    I am always facinated by the fact that your face is their copyright. But the pictures they took look good and the prints look good as well: way better than I could make them look from a scan and a copy.

  5. Andrew says:

    Then your scanner and printer aren’t good enough. Go out and drop a few K on a new setup….just to save on the Olan Mills package. It’s the Shane way that we’ve all come to know and love.

  6. -B says:

    Surely you can say you have to print up scripts for some skit or scan in some photos to make a brochure about the church or something. Say it with me now, "business expense".

  7. The Average Youth Minister says:

    say it with me…still illegal

  8. -B says:

    So when are you changing the name of your blog? How about, "Confessions of the Fun Police"?

  9. The Average Youth Minister says:

    I am trying to supplement my income as a freelance writer this means that I want to make money from my own intellectual property (even though I give a ton away for free on this site). So it would be a bit hypocritical for me to disregard someone copyright.

    Now excuse me I have to go Limewire some music.

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