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My days seem to get fuller and fuller. For some reason that sounds like bad grammar and so if it is I am sorry. I went to check out the camp for our Winter Retreat yesterday and we hashed out some more of the details. The more time I spend with those guys the more I see an importance of team planning. When we are finished all throwing in ideas and finding new things that work in the end it is better than any one of us could have accomplished.

Tonight (Friday) we are going to have our next Friday Night Connection (formally adnexum). This is just a place where we have a student lead worship time followed by an open station worship time. Then we have a hang out time afterwards. The last one was a high point of the year for the students I think and now that we are trying to do one every month we will see if it eventually gets stale.

I feel bad about tonight because the students are all prepared when it comes to their parts, but I am still not ready. I am up and moving early today to be sure that I am not the weak link.

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