Kids are Just Neat

We have been having a year long opportunity/struggle with an influx of kids riding our bus to church. Our normal kids ministry is about 20 people and there were some nights we were adding an additional 15-20 from buses. Needless to say that caused some growing pains, but we came up with some new plans and made it through.

So that is the back story of tonight. Tonight we watched “I Can Only Imagine” for our evening service. Since I didn’t have anything to get set up and ready when the kids came in (30 minutes early) I was able to just sit and chat with them. There were just 4 kids, but they were 4 that had been out for a while and it was neat to see them back. It was just nice to get to talk to them about their lives and let them know that we care about them and have been thinking about them.

All in all it was just a neat reminder from God that what we are doing is making a difference.

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