Kid’s Worship Explosion

I had this big idea to do a kids worship night for New Year’s Eve. Back in November when I was planning it I thought “Hey, I can run the kids thing from 7-9 and then have the youth party from 9:30-12:00.” Of course now I am just slap worn out after the two parties, but it was still a very good night.

The kids thing is something new we are trying. I would like to have some children’s activities that are similar to what we do for our youth. I would love a live band children’s church experience on a regular basis. (of course that would mean more work for me but that is a different story) So tonight was sort of like a trial run for that.

It was a very, very good night. The praise band was really clicking and for the first hour or so the kids were really into things (we didn’t sing for an hour, I just mean for an hour of the evening). It was neat looking out over a crowd of 30 or so kids and 12 adults and watching them pump their fists in the air together. There was lots of good energy in the room. It may have just been jumping up and down to them, but it was worship for me. It was a night that was a direct gift from God to my heart.

We added 3 songs from Hillsong Kids (I started listening to these with Nathan). They make some really great get up and dance type songs so if you haven’t already check them out.  

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