Knowing vs KNOWING

(this was originally written last Wednesday for my church newsletter)

Nathan has a new babysitter and he isn’t very happy about it. This morning I was trying to get him emotionally ready to go to her house so I said, “Nathan, we get to go to Mrs. Lindsey’s house today and play with your new friends!” That didn’t work as I hoped. Immediately his little lip turned down and his eyes began to fill with tears.

He walked over to me and fell on my chest and said through his sobs. “I want to stay home and play with Daddy.”

As you can imagine that broke my heart. I tried to think of all the things that I was supposed to do today that I could cancel so that I could spend my morning with my little man. In the end I decided that he needed to go to the babysitter, not because my day was all that important (there isn’t much that is more important than him) but because I knew Nathan needed to learn to spend some time away from us.

So I told him I would play with him for a little while and then we would go to the babysitter. He didn’t cry again until we were getting ready to go. He wanted to go to Dothan and go to Wal-Mart. He cried these big crocodile tears as he said “Nathan wanna go to the donut Wal-Mart” or at least that is how it sounded.

On the trip to the babysitter’s house he calmed down and he and I began to sing a favorite song of his “Everything’s OK and everything’s alright ’cause I’ve got Jesus in my life.” Nathan was singing along fine until we turned into the driveway and then he began to cry again.

I got him out of the car and held him for a moment and then asked him to sing. Remarkable he started to do it. Through his crying he sang those words again, “Everything’s OK and everything’s alright ’cause I’ve got Jesus in my life.” But he never stopped crying. He knows the song and knows the words, but he doesn’t know what they really mean yet. He knew what to say, but it didn’t effect his outlook or his heart.

I think there are a whole bunch of people like this in churches today. We know the right words. We know that God has promised he will never leave us or forsake us, but when it comes right down to it that is what we believe in our head and not in our heart. And the heart is what makes all the difference. As we grow in faith we must learn to move our head knowledge to heart knowledge. Then we can know for sure that “Everything’s OK and everything’s alright ’cause I’ve got Jesus in my life.”

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