Lazy Day Jitters

I am currently enrolled in Seminary (online) and have been pushing hard to get to spring break (which starts on Monday officially). We were scheduled to have a youth retreat this weekend and I am teaching Children’s Church on Sunday. There is a baptism on Sunday too so that means that I had to make a video introduction. So I have been working furiously for the past few weeks trying to get things done and be ready so that I could lead a retreat this weekend.

Then it snowed.

And snowed.

And snowed enough that the retreat center had to cancel on us. So here I am sitting on a Saturday with all of my work done and no appointments. It is so rare that I really don’t know what to do with my time. Last night I went to watch a late movie and then sat and read a fiction novel. When I am doing so much reading for school I forget how much I like to read when it is something other than Systematic Theology.

Anyway, so I have  lazy day today and I can’t stop thinking that there is something that I am forgetting to do.

Well, I bounce between that and a desire to do something big with the family so that I don’t waste this time.

Either way I am having a hard time relaxing.

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