Learning to Draw

I have never been able to draw. I mean of course I can scribble a few lines so technically I can draw, but I can’t draw things that look remotely recognizable. I have also never been a doodler so I can’t even make little fanciful monsters or other things that even come close to looking appealing.

The thing is, it bugs me to no end that I can’t draw. I don’t know why, but I feel like I should be able to figure it out. Like most things in my life I feel like if I can spend a little time on it I can learn it. (I am currently learning Spanish with Rosetta Stone.) But drawing just doesn’t work for me.

Here is why I get frustrated. Have you ever picked up a “learn to draw” book. Even the ones for beginners or the ones for kids they all work the same way. The instructions are always something like this. Draw a big circle then two littler circles. Connect the circles and erase your guide lines. Now add scales, teeth, eyes a nose, fire, horns, wings and a knight and you have a perfect fantasy scene of an epic battle with a dragon. There is something that happens between the “draw a couple of circles” phase and the “now this looks like something recognizable phase” that I think everyone who can draw either 1) doesn’t want everyone else to know or 2) just plain doesn’t understand how the rest of us can’t figure it out.

The more I think about it the more I think it is the latter. There are things that I just do, or just understand that I can’t quite figure out why someone else equally educated can’t understand. No one else sees the world the way that I see it, but for some reason I feel like everyone should. I look at something and think, “How in the world can you say that Fahrenheit 451 is a bad book. I mean at least you can acknowledge that it has some relative literary value especially in our digital age. How can you say that it is just dumb? That isn’t even an argument!”

But just like the guys who can draw sometimes I think I look at something that I know and say, “its easy, just draw two circles and fill in the rest.” But of course everything is easy when you already know how to do it. Just like on quiz shows every question is easy when you know the answer.

I wonder how much of our life with non-Christians is like this? I wonder how often we speak to them with our personal knowledge of God. We have felt Him, walked with Him, let Him invade our lives, worshiped Him and been impacted by His presence so of course for us it seems simple for someone to choose Him too. I think what I need to remember is that most people (especially today) need more than two circles and fill in the rest. They need the steps, they need the basics, they need the long walk through “this is a line” all the way to “this is a dragon.”

It takes time to learn to draw (especially if you haven’t been doodling and learning your who life) in the same way it takes a long time to recognize the work of God in your life, especially if you didn’t grow up following Him and cultivating your perceptions so that you can notice.

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