In all of the search for a new job the part that I have dreaded most has to be the actual leaving. While I have been looking for a place it has been easy to just sort of ignore the fact that in the very near future I will be leaving the town that I have lived in for 11 years, and these people I have been around for 12. I will be leaving the place where my boys were born and raised. So many firsts happened on these hard wood floors. On top of that the leaving of all of the people who have had such a special place in my life is something I would rather just imagine wasn’t happening.

But it seems like God has led us to a new job in a new place. All of the details are still being worked out, but somewhere around the first of August we will be heading to a new opportunity. As excited as I am about the opportunity (and I am very excited and when things are more final I will share more) the realization of the fact that we actually have to leave is hitting me hard today. It seems like 31 days are not going to be near enough to see everyone, say everything, and also get packed.

So while Nailscars.com continues to transition please be praying for us as we transition to a new place and new opportunity for serving God and sharing His love with others.

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