Let’s Talk Tools

What tools do you use in your ministry? While of course only God is indispensable which ones would you hate to loose?

Some of the things that I use every week would be:

MediaShout – To run our worship slides and talk notes

Photoshop – I normally do some sort of picture for each lesson

Publisher – While I am learning InDesign I still do a whole lot of stuff in Microsoft Publisher. If push came to shove I would have to say that this is the one computer program that I would need the most.

Text Messages – I hate everything about cell phones, but texting is an essential resource for keeping up with students

Spin 360 – This is where we get all of our band music. I don’t buy music from it every week, but most of the songs the music that we have comes from them.

UPDATE: I now use InDesign exclusively. 

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