Life-Sized Bop-It

Suddenly we got a new channel on our cable system called “The Hub.” I don’t know where it came from, but it has classic Transformers and G.I Joe cartoons, Fraggle Rock, and this interesting double dare-ish game show called “Family Game Night.” The show is just a blatant commercial for the Hasbro board games, but my son likes it so it is something that is fun to watch for the whole family.

One of the games on the show is this big Bop-it inspired octagon that has 8 different stations where people whack, pull, and bop things as they are told by computer voice. My son thinks the game is great and will often walk around the house saying “bop it, kick it, pull it, etc.” One day when we were watching the show my wife says, “You should play this with your youth.” I agreed and at the first chance I could set up my own life-sized bop-it game.

The game is pretty simple, get 5 or 6 things that students could do, play a music loop of some driving music and start calling out the actions. Be sure to rotate stations from time to time and when one student misses just add in another one. If you don’t have a music loop you could just get everyone to clap to give the beat. That would also fix one of my problems which was that I had no way to speed up the music so the game stayed too easy.

Anyway, I set up 6 stations:

Stomp it = a drum set kick pedal against a trash can

Twist it = a hula hoop

Bop it = a djembe drum

Shout it = a microphone

Pull it = a rope tied to the ceiling

Ring it = a cow bell


The game was a decent success and I used it as a jumping off point to talk about studying the Bible. In the game you had to listen for your instructions or you would be out. Our world is full of competing instructions and it is important that we listen to the Bible to know how we should act. (or something like that).

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