Life Update

I am doing a few things other than just making random graphics. Tonight was the last night for our study on Song of Songs. I really liked the idea of studying the book, but a deep verse by verse study didn’t exactly work so after 3 weeks I figured I was just going to repeat myself if I kept talking about the same love stuff. So we are moving on.

Next week I will actually be away because I will be on VACATION! I really can’t explain how much I am looking forward to next week. I need some time away from work. I also need some time to hang out with people, and I can’t think of anyone that I like to hang out with more than my sister and her husband. Not only that I actually will get to play Settlers of Catan again. So that is something to look forward to as well.

I also feel like I need this time just to get away and remember why I do this job. The summer and fall kick off tend to overwhelm me and I start looking at church work as job instead of a calling after a while. A vacation helps me to remember the God that I worship while I am planning and moving chairs and doing things I don’t like to do. A vacation helps me to remember how amazing my students really are.

So I am looking forward to next week. But before we get there we are heading to the Creation Festival Tour in Ozark, AL. If anyone else is going to be there look me up.

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