Life’s a Journey

I was looking for a specific poem that I wanted to use in a talk I am giving this week at a Dnow in a friend’s church. As I was digging for it I came upon so many other little things that I have written over the past few years. There are some of them that remember and reading them again is old book familiar, but there are a few things that I wrote and put away, and never really looked at and now pop out with new light.

I am mostly talking about poetry, because for me the poetry is generally the place where I express my real feelings. I think it is a sin to fake it in a poem. I actually think it is a sin to fake it in real life too. If you have been reading this for any time at all you know that I value being honest with our struggles. I think one of the biggest problems with western Christianity (and maybe Christianity in general, but I only have experience here) is how many people try to put on a false face and act like they have everything together.

So that means that people looking in think that we are totally out of touch and those on the inside who are suddenly faced with real struggle think that they are wrong or they have missed something, or that other people aren’t feeling the same way so they push down the questions and the hurts of their lives until their heart dies.

I am a strong proponent of walking on this journey together. As a pastor I don’t think that I have anything that the rest of the church doesn’t have. I am just paid to plan the worship gatherings and help the student ministry. I am not supposed to be the resident expert. I am someone who is on this journey of life with you and the more transparent I can be the better I can help us all see that we are just the same.

I don’t really know where all that came from, I just wanted to share.

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