Like a Comfy Chair

Thanks for all of our suggestions for books to work through with my intern. I changed tactics a bit and decided to go with a daily study instead of a book. I think he will benefit from that added structure. Also it allowed me to go back to a study that I love and that I still think everyone should go through at least once: Experiencing God.

If you are a Southern Baptist I am sure you have at least heard of it, and more than that the principles from it have colored the Lifeway Sunday School material for years. (in much the same way that Masterlife did before it). I haven’t gone through this book in over a decade, and I am excited to be back in it again. 

Yesterday I worked through the opening lesson and it felt sort of like returning to a favorite story. We are working through the college edition of the book which is good for my guy, but no quite the focus for me. I love the way they have reformatted the books. (They are smaller now so they fit in your bag or hand better).

As you can tell I am excited about this intern program. I hope it works out well.  

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