Little things that break your heart

We had students over last night, and in an attempt to keep them from destroying our new place I sat down the guys and girls and had them ask questions back and forth. The inevitable “why do guys like bad girls” and “why do girls like bad guys” came up and the girls were sort of dodging the question saying it wasn’t true. So I asked, “tell me one guy in your school who doesn’t drink and has a girlfriend.”

They couldn’t name one.

I guess I lived a sheltered life in high school (I was messing around with non-mind altering things) but the level of alcohol and drug use that goes on even in “the good kids” is staggering. And what is probably worse for me is that most of them think that there isn’t anything wrong with it. Drinking is what they do.

I have this vision of my youth being the ones who are different. I long for them to stand up to the system and say that they will be different and that if you are looking for a real life that is different from this empty party life then you can be with us and we will love you and accept you and we will find that real life together.

Instead I have a group of people who are trapped by the exact same things and who worship the same things that the rest of the school does. How do we make a difference if we are no different at all? Wow, that is my new slogan, not just for the youth, but for my life.

How do we make a difference if we are no different at all?

Of course I think the problem is that most of them just don’t believe in this whole God thing. I mean they believe in God, but the whole, “God is enough” part of it is just too much. God isn’t enough for them. They don’t really trust that in God enough to let go and search for him. Of course I didn’t either at their age, but looking back I really wish I did.

2 thoughts on “Little things that break your heart

  • April 26, 2006 at 9:00 PM

    I stumbled on your site today in the midst of a search for a skit/drama for an upcoming worship service. I am a youth pastor in Virginia – I have been at this for 3 years now, anyway your post about making a difference and about hoping your kids would be the "other" kids who were not being sucked into the crazy world that high school can bring really hit home with me – I have been in a sort of place of comfort thinking my kids are the good kids and recently it occured to me that the truth is they are probably as mixed up in the real world as every other high school kid I know….. that was all a really long winded way of saying thanks for being honest about the highs, lows, and in betweens of working with high school kids. It’s good to know I’m not in it alone :)

  • April 27, 2006 at 2:37 AM

    Thanks Meelie, that’s why I do this


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