Living in a False Idea

I love “This American Life.” If you asked me what was the best thing about smart phones the fact that I can get it beamed directly to my phone whenever I want it would make the top 5. The other day I was listening and I heard this amazing quote from a guy who was blind. He told a story about how he was in a hotel room and didn’t realize that there was an additional room off the main room. He just assumed that there was just the one room. Here is what he said:

[quote]And this is the problem. When you’re blind, you just can’t assume anything. And the problem is you get a picture in your mind and if you get it wrong, you just live inside the mistake.” Ryan Knighton [/quote]

You can hear the whole story in episode 464: Invisible Made Visible. When I heard that quote I couldn’t get it out of my head. Think about it for a while. You get a picture in your mind and if it is wrong you just have to live with your mistake.

So I played this little clip for my students. Then I talked about our view of the world. If we see the world as spiritual terms we will live one way. If we see the world in non spiritual terms it will effect that choices that we make there as well. If we are wrong we will just be living in the mistake. I think there are many teens who see the world in a broken way. They see images and ideas spoon fed to them through media and other outlets and they think it is reality. Then they act on that reality. Or teenagers see things that are happening around them, people who mistreat them and they get stuck thinking that they are worthless or that they don’t matter and then they just live in that mistake.

Thankfully we have a God who is all about helping us to see the truth and find the right paths to walk on. Thankfully we don’t have to live in the mistake, but I have to admit more often than not I find myself living there.

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