Look at Me Relay

This week at our Wednesday night we are talking about being accepted. As a game we are going to play a game that is all about people standing out and doing things that may make them look silly. It is your basic relay sort of in the style of a "mega-relay" that they do at fuge, but all of the events have nothing to do with athletics.

The basic set up is this: Divide your group into teams of around 10 people. Set up the room with your teams on one side and about 20 feet away have a proctor for each group. This proctor will test and make sure that the group members complete each task. Pass out the instructions below and give the groups time to assign each event to someone in their group. Once all of the roles have been assigned say go. On GO the people participating in each event must run across the room to the proctor and complete their event. Once they run back the next group runs and you keep going that way until the final group sits down. The first group to sit wins.

1. 4 people must lay on the ground and act like a piece of bacon frying in a pan for 10 seconds

2. 2 people must do a cheer (one person is the cheerleader, the other is the audience) At the end of your cheer you must spell out Calvary. (give me a C…)

3. 2 people Get on your hands and knees like a dog and “bark” Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star

4. 2 people must spell out the alphabet using their bodies

5. 3 people put your shoes on your ears and say “Look at me” as loud as they can 5 times

6. 2 people do a classic break-dancing move

(worm, backspin, or moonwalk)

7. 3 people must count to 99 by 3’s Every time they get to a 9 (9, 39, 69, 99) they must run around their proctor 3 times yelling, “The 9’s are gonna get us! The 9’s are gonna get us!”

8. 2 people must hug and say “We’re in love” as loud as they can 5 times

9. 3 people must sing “Jesus Loves Me” one word at a time

(One person would say Jesus, then the next would say Loves and the last would say me and then they would start back over again.)

10. Whole group must play “Ring around the Rosie” the first group to “all fall down wins”

(Ring around the rosie, a pocket full of posies, ashes, ashes, we all fall down)

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