Look How Tall I Am

I am sitting at the park and there is a little boy here (named Duck, only in Alabama) who is riding on his dad’s shoulders. He is yelling at his mom, “Look, Mom, I’m taller than you! I’m taller than you!”

Now everyone knows he isn’t taller than his mom. He may be higher than her, but he isn’t taller than her. It is his dad that is tall, he is just along for the ride.

When we see that in little kids we smile, but it isn’t quite so cute in adults. I know in my own life I have puffed up with pride because of the “great things I have done” when in actuality it was God who was doing them. I want to say, “Look how good I am at this stuff!” when it is God who is good at stuff. I am just sitting on his shoulders.

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