Looters Should be Shot

Is there anything in the world more despicable than a looter? I mean I understand if you are desperate and need food or water, but there are videos of people running with handfuls of dress pants and boxes of shoes. What makes a person so short sighted that they can’t think beyond their own immediate needs. There are people who would like to argue that man is inherently good and that given a chance he will do the right thing. Well, I think looters are the perfect example of how wrong that is.

What I really can’t understand about the looting in New Orleans is that where are these people taking the stuff. It looks like most of the town is underwater. Why would you look around at the destruction and flooded city and think, “You know what I need to head down to the store and steal stuff that I really don’t need from a guy who has just lost everything.”

The whole situation seems so unreal. If it doesn’t degenerate into a war zone it will be by a supernatural act of God. I know all of you are watching the same news feeds I am watching. As we watch lets not forget to pray. I know that I find myself flipping channels for the best “new video” like it is all just a new summer blockbuster. I am sufficiently horrified, but I find myself entertained as well. As we are watching, lets not forget to be praying as well.

One thought on “Looters Should be Shot

  • August 31, 2005 at 9:57 AM

    So how do you think God feels as He watches His summer blockbuster unfold? (Not just the looting going on right now, but us in our everyday lives.) Do you think He is sufficiently horrified and entertained, or possibly something else (like disappointed and regretful)?


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