This has been a crazy couple of days. Our office has been a hive of activity as people have been putting the finishing touches on our big move. I still don’t have a real desk, but I am digging my two folding tables and their ocean of surface space. I also still have to get some stuff out of my old office, but that isn’t very high on my priority list.

I don’t really have a whole lot of good “youth pastor” type stuff to say today, but I felt like I should get a post up here before you guys left me completely. I am still reading through “Searching for God Knows What” and every page seems to remind me of some truth that I have forgotten. I guess the biggest of these truths is that we are called to love. I know that seems so elemental so basic, but somehow in the middle of doing church I often forget to be the church. I forget to be the church to those outside of the church and those people who are in the church.

I am amazed often that the basic guiding principle for all that we do as a church and as a people should be love, and yet that is often the first thing that we lose. I guess that is why it is so life changing. Love isn’t something that comes from us. It isn’t something you can find just anywhere. Love comes from God. If I am going to become the church or God, if I am going to become a picture of Jesus here on earth if I am going to be what a Christian really should be it needs to start with more love: both for the marginalized of society and for people in the church.

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