Make a Difference Bingo

We are in the middle of a series about looking for the moments that God puts in front of you and then actually having the courage to act on those moments. This week we were looking at the idea that we just need to MOVE to be doing something to break out of the standard feeling of not getting involved. As I was preparing I knew I wanted to make a list of activities that students could do as a jumping off point of what I was talking about. That idea evolved into…

Make a Difference Bingo

The idea is simple. It is a Bingo board with 24 different ways that students can make a difference in their school this week. They can get the FREE SPACE in the middle if they have a quiet time every day. Students will complete activities and the write the date the activity was completed on their sheet. Next week they bring the sheet back and if they have a Bingo they get a prize. Activities include praying for someone; inviting someone to sit with you; and sharing the gospel with your friends.

You can download the PDF of the Bingo game here: 

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