Manly Praise

Alright so I was trying to decide what songs to sing for Sunday and I was thinking about those men who don’t sing, but just sort of stand there and look at you like the song service is the most terribly unmanly thing they have been forced to suffer through since their wife sent them to the store for “feminine stuff.”

So I was trying to think of songs that were a little bit more manly and there just wasn’t anything in the hymnal that really spoke to the need that I felt so I wrote this. I don’t have the chords yet and the tune is still rough, but you get the idea. I do like the fact that I made up a word “catfishin” isn’t one word, but it sure should be.

I love my wife

And I love my child

And power tools make me go wild

I love watching ball and I yell when my boys score

I love my truck

And I love my dog

I love catfishin from an old pine log

But to tell the truth there’s something I love more

I love the Lord.

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