Mariott Sucks

no-marriot.jpgSo I stayed at the Vanderbilt Marriott last night and was pretty excited about the whole thing. It was a nice hotel with a very comfortable room and a great bed. After Meredith and Nathan went to sleep I sat down at the desk, plugged in the provided ethernet cable and brought up Firefox so that I could click whatever agreement I needed to click to get online. I never imagined that it would be any more difficult than that. I mean everyone has free internet access these days.

But when I when Firefox popped up it turns out that it would cost $9.95 to use the net for the duration of my stay. I couldn’t believe it. I mean the Golden Cherry now has free high speed internet! So if you are going to stay downtown in Nashville, TN and you want net access you need to know that after taking your money for your room the Marriott will nickel and dime you for net access too.  

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