Maybe they listened

Alright if you haven’t already be sure to read the first paragraph of the previous post or you won’t understand where I am coming from.

The people on "How I Met Your Mother" continue to amaze me. I have been worried for a while now that they were missing out on the best reason for us to watch and that was for Robin and Ted to get together. (Barney is in a whole side category as the best character since "Jack and Karen") Over the past few weeks they have been neglecting that relationship which made me sort of worried that they didn’t understand how cool that dynamic really is.

Tonight’s show returns to some of that chemistry and it makes me feel better about the direction of the show. I was worried that the writers just didn’t get it, but apparently they already understood, or they read my blog and took it to heart because it seems like they are on the right track. Now that they seem to understand I think I can relax a bit and let the show come to me.

I know you weren’t worried, but I wanted to live in the fantasy that I caused them to change direction for a while.

By the way if you missed some of the earlier episodes then you need to know that Ted and Robin can’t get together because dude talking to his kids already said, "that’s how I met your Aunt Robin" and so we know he marries someone else. I was really into the idea that is was Robin’s actual sister, but Dad Ted calls all of the characters "uncle and aunt." (a practice which I don’t really like. I barely like Sumer telling Caleb to call me "Uncle Shane" and it sort of creeps me out when people call me that who I’m not related too.) So I guess the Mom could be anybody, but it is going to be cool to see the relationship grow with Ted and Robin only to know it is doomed to fail. It is a simple twist, but I love it.

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