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I don’t know if you like to know about our Wednesday night lessons or not. I tend to enjoy reading about what other people are doing so I like to do the same from time to time. We are in the middle of a study called "Our Favorite Monsters." Which has evolved into a pretty neat little study. The idea is that there are big sins in our lives that we have lived with for so long that we have forgotten to be scared of them anymore. What is more our society embraces many of these sins so it makes it even harder to see that they are tearing our lives apart.

So tonight was Envy and Greed. I went with the idea that Envy and Greed (and lust too, but that is next week) isn’t about the object of your desire, it is about the need in your heart. You don’t need a new iPod because Apple products will complete your life (although I am not sure that is true with the Macbook Pro. That may complete my life, and if anyone would like to donate one to me I would be happy to test the theory). You feel like you have to have things because there is a longing inside of you and you feel like if you get stuff that longing will be filled.

But only God can really satisfy and feel that hole. O, but it is so hard to turn away from what everyone else is chasing and trust that God is enough.

I guess things went well. I did something that many other lessons do, but that mine rarely do. I divided them into 8 groups and gave each group a different Bible verse to report on. I don’t know why I use that as rarely as I do because everyone else seems to use it all the time.

Last week I introduced a new game to our pre-meeting time: BLINK. It is like the old card game speed (or spit if you were in my family) but it adds a few twists so that there is very rarely a time when neither player can play a card. It is very fast and takes a good deal of concentration to win. This week the game caught on even more and there were several groups playing before and at the coffee shop afterwards.  BLINK is a perfect game for before meetings because each game only lasts about 2 minutes including set up time. (3 minutes if you have to teach someone to play). It is great because several people can get a chance to play and they whole "let us finish this game" whine isn’t as big of a deal because the games are so short.

But what I played most once we got to the coffee shop was Magic: The Gathering. I found some of my old cards the other day so I got to play with this guy from the youth group. It has been so long I didn’t remember how to play, but it brought back memories of sitting around and playing with my college roommate.

I miss having a roommate.  

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