Merry Christmas

I am going to be away from the internet for a while for Christmas so I may not be posting regularly here until the end of the week. We do have a big Children’s worship thing on New Year’s Eve so I hope to write some about what I have planned, but all of that can wait until Thursday or Friday.

So I hope you have a merry Christmas. I also hope that we all catch a glimpse of how amazing it is that God Himself became human. If we could see again what it means that immortality became mortal, that God became flesh I think we wouldn’t be struggling to find the “reason for the season” but instead would be telling everyone we meet about our great God.

O and if you would like to give a Christmas gift to I am accepting donations to my paypal account (you get a cool nickname as a thank you).  Of course you could always email me a or gift certificate too. (I am not picky)

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