Merry Go Round Leadership Lessons

I watched a bunch of kids playing on a merry-go-round today and I noticed something really amazing. As the kids tried to run around with the merry-go-round and push it they were only able to get it spinning as fast as they could run. As long as their hands stayed on it, the speed was limited to the speed of their feet.

But when they let go and instead of running with it chose to take their hands off and only push it every so often as the bars came flying around the merry-go-round was able to go faster than any of them could run.

It would only take one of them trying to hold on and run to slow the thing down, but when they took their hands off the thing would fly.

You would also notice that 2 or 3 people could keep it spinning faster than just one, when you are running and everyone has their hands on it they can only go as fast as the slowest person. When everyone has their hands off and is only adding when needed their strength is multiplied.

When someone won’t let go and wants to run with the thing, eventually it wants to go faster than their feet and the momentum of the merry-go-round begins to pull them off balance. They can’t keep up with the pace.

This is a great picture of what it means to be a minister. We all feel like we need to keep things running we have to keep our hands on it, but then it is only going as fast as we can go. When we let go and, instead of trying to be the only speed, do only what God has called us to He can take over and push it faster than we can ever imagine.

One thought on “Merry Go Round Leadership Lessons

  • November 14, 2005 at 2:01 PM

    I like the analogy. Thanks for the reminder. I love it when God points out little object lessons like this in our daily lives.


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