Messy Golf

Last night was Wildlife. For those of you who are new that is our Middle School Worship that we have once a month. It is a messy game time followed by singing and teaching. Last night I was inspired partly by something I read at The theme was science project and the science experiment that I had the most fun with was "What happens when you hit it with a golf club."

We went outside and had the students sitting in chairs in front of the golfer. Students from each team would come up and smack various messy things with a golf club that would then explode all over the audience. It was like Tiger Woods and Gallagher mated. It was great. In case you want to play here are some of the things I found that worked and didn’t work.

Didn’t Work:
Eggs (You have to worry about the shell hitting people)
Eggplant (again it breaks into too big of pieces, but this was a personal fav of mine)

Donut Holes
Ding Dongs (a very nice cream and chocolate explosion)
Individual serving cups of syrup (I found these at the dollar tree)
half sized sandwich backs (I think they are called "snack" bags) filled with all sorts of juicy stuff, ketchup, jelly, beans, creamed corn, etc.

What you are looking for is something that will spray goo on the audience without also launching deadly projectiles. The other danger is having the slippery club go flying at someone so we switched clubs between people and dried the handles. We also made the rows switch places after every 2nd golfer so that everyone had a chance to be in the front.

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