My son and I took a trip to Callaway Gardens today with our senior adult group. One of the highlights of the trip (cause really how often can you get excited about yet another azalea bush) was watching butterflies actually emerging from their cocoons. It was a pretty crazy experience. To watch the wings emerge sort of thin and small and then slowly become full on butterfly wings.

For my son, it was neat, but not really enough action to hold his attention. He is just 3 and there are lots of things he has never seen before so he is often looking for ones that are really exciting. I am 35 and there aren’t as many things that are new to me so I was mesmerized.

Of course my son also has no idea just how hard it is to transform something, anything, into something new. The laws of inertia tend to apply to most of life and once something is set in its ways it isn’t doing much changing, and that includes the people who are complaining about how other people won’t change. Maybe it is because I know how hard real change can be that I was drawn to the transformation of this little bug.

That’s why I love working in a church. I love seeing the rare times when lives really are changed. I love seeing the metamorphosis that seems to happen in an instant, but which is actually the result of God working in their life right from the very beginning. The change that happened in the cocoon, finally bursts out into a radically new creature. Getting a chance to be there when that happens is one of the greatest thrills on earth.

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  • April 21, 2010 at 2:20 PM

    I agree, many days it is the only thing that keeps me in ministry. While we all know the "Paul planted, Apollos watered" arguement. One those dark nights, its nice to see some actual fruit.


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