Might I remind you…

…of the little "Make a Donation" button you will find on your right. I always want to be sure that the resources found on this site are free. I love getting emails from people who have used these ideas to help share the message of Christ. So for that I like to ask for donations to keep this place up and running.

Right now I am kicking off a special fund drive because my video camera just decided it doesn’t want to work anymore. I found out with my last camera that no one wants to open up and try to fix them for less than $200 and at that price you are almost better off just buying a new one. So I am reminding you guys of the donation button in an attempt to replace it. If past donation history is any indication I will not come anywhere close, but I am out of ideas on how to fund a new one. So if you have liked what you have found here take a moment and throw 5 or 10 bucks my way. Or if you really want to see more videos of Nathan you could drop a larger amount. 

Please know that I love you guys using whatever you find here. I don’t want you to think that you must give a donation. Feel free to use this stuff freely.  

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